Multi-Card Keno – The Hottest New Casino Game

Multi-Card Keno

  • As Multi-Card Keno is such a innovative game, it has garnered a lot of attention in the recent casino markets. Now casino lovers can enjoy this new game exclusively at online casinos, as well as joining in at home with friends and family. It officially became a reality when Microgaming Software developed the software.
  • Multi-Card Keno offers the gambler the opportunity to pick up to 15 numbers per keno ticket. That means more chances to win! The payouts depend on the total number of calls, so it’s wise to bet more for more chances of winning. As well, if you’re a Number Clubber, pick a number that is in the center column on a 20 number ticket. That’s a minimum guarantee you need to pick out a number, per ticket, that is in the center column.
  1. In Multi-Card Keno, you can play up to 7 games per ticket, and there are 4 main sessions per week, priced $5.00 per ticket. This also includes a Short Handed version of the game, if you enjoy that. Or you can play all 8 games in one draw as well, for $120.00 per ticket.
  2. The entire odds amount you can win depends upon the number of calls you make during the entire specified number of draws. The actual payouts will vary according to the number of calls you win in multi-card keno. This is a lot unlike other lottery games that you’ll find at an actual lottery booth.

The premise behind multi-card games like number keno is simple.

Multi-Card Keno

  1. The goal is to fill out an entire column, or a quadrangle, of numbers, for a total of 20 numbers. During 5 of 6 draws, you must make a guess as to which numbers will be drawn. If you guess right, you win the keno. If you are wrong, you lose your bets.
  2. Your odds of picking up a number are 1 in 333 that you’ll win. Because there are more numbers in the mix, there are more ways to get the perfect 20 number arrangement.
  3. It only takes one ticket to play, so a lot of people don’t play. If you don’t have enough of a budget for 6 draws, you can buy an All Extra ticket, which is a multi-draw ticket where you pick the number of draws you want to play and the numbers. This way, you are guaranteed to play at least 6 times. The extra draws add up to more than the single ticket option, so if you don’t have enough budget for the single draws, you no doubt would buy an All Extra ticket.
  4. Unlike other lottery games that require you to pick a number in a pick-lose format, Multi-Card Keno allows you to pick up to 20 numbers per ticket. 20 numbers sounds like a lot, but when you consider that the odds of picking up a number are 1 in 333, you will get a few numbers and lose some of them. So if you have enough budget, you can play all 20 numbers and win the jackpot!

The jackpot is the sum of all the money invested in the draws.

The Multi-Card Keno jackpots that you can win are larger than other versions of the game, but you need to be careful with your numbers. Make sure you don’t use a sequence, like 1-2-3-4-5-6. The chances of getting a number this combination are almost zero!